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Career guidance

The DualEducationFinder is intended to provide assistance in the orientation phase and help the target groups (entrepreneurs, teachers/professors, counsellors, trainers) to find out about ongoing measures on this topic. In this way, more and more targeted orientation can take place. 

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Innovative practices in dual education

The DualEducationFinder provides information and practically oriented proposals for the enhancement of image and value of dual education and training, the improvement of competences of in-company trainers and for the promotion of quality of dual education in your region as well as introduces best practice examples of training modules for in-company trainers and innovative training formats developed as part of the DuALPlus project.

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Transparency and transfer opportunities in dual education

Promoting permeability in dual education is part of ensuring excellence and increasing attractiveness of dual education in the Alpine Space. The DualEducationFinder shows how permeability is shaping up in different regions,  describes best practice examples and names policy proposals that enhance permeability.

DualEducationFinder: find, what you are looking for.

Map of Dualplus Interreg Project region

Especially in the Alpine Space, dual education is a traditionally rooted concept. It offers a great opportunity to take up a qualified profession. Dual education also steadily supplies the economy in the Alpine Space with qualified workers. To ensure that dual education continues to be an attractive educational option for young people, we provide here information for various target groups on the topics of vocational orientation, qualification of trainers and permeability of educational systems.


The DualEducationFinder helps you to improve the career guidance of youngsters and the public recognition of dual education as valuable learning path.


The DualEducationFinder helps you to promote innovation and quality in dual education.


The DualEducationFinder helps you to improve the framework conditions for innovation by increasing the horizontal and vertical permeability of the dual education system.

In-Company Trainer

Training and mentoring future crafts(wo)men


This is intended to address persons who are training apprentices or trainees in craft professions as part of their work in an SME.

In-company trainers are at the forefront of dual education and training by providing apprentices with the practical and theoretical skills they need for their future profession. They also often emotionally support their apprentices. Trainers can contribute to improving the image and value of dual education and training through their work and engagement in their company as well as in the public (e.g. through open house days, job fairs or apprentice competitions). In view of their crucial role, it is obvious that in-company trainers should remain open to new social and educational developments. Attending advanced training courses, e.g, with regard to technical innovations or to meet the needs of certain target groups, can help them to cope with ongoing changes.

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