Analysis of Potential of training, study and career guidance in South Tyrol

Counselling with potential analysis (PA) is a combination of various computer-based test procedures. The following topics are covered:

School and professional interests, Aptitudes and abilities, Achievement motivation, Work behaviour, Attention and concentration.

With the help of the results obtained, the psychologists create a profile of individual interests, strengths, talents and personality traits.



The potential analysis was subsequently included as an additional tool in the career guidance offer. It achieves very good results and satisfied users.



The mission of education, study and career guidance is to advise and inform young people and adults of all educational levels, to provide orientation in the dynamic world of education, careers and work, and to support informed decision-making. It works neutrally, confidentially, free of charge and is easily accessible throughout South Tyrol. The potential analysis is another tool for finding well-founded conclusions about education and training paths, possible occupational fields and development opportunities for young people.


Description of the type of measure

Target groups

- Middle school students and their families

- Pupils of the upper school

- Trainees

- Students

- Unemployed people

- Adults of any educational level

What are the requirements for your format? 

Counselling is a department within the South Tyrolean provincial administration and employs a total of 16 staff members working in 9 different locations in South Tyrol.
The potential analysis can be carried out in the counselling centres in Bolzano, Merano and Brunico.

After an initial counselling interview in which the use of the potential analysis was deemed useful, the use is free of charge. Otherwise the use would cost 360€. The test is internet-based (but must be carried out in one of the counselling centres) and it is a standardized test. The evaluation is done by the staff of the department. The users receive a detailed report on their individual interests, strengths, talents and personality traits to take home and an additional discussion of the results and next steps for action.



Actors: who was involved in the development of the event?

Potential analysis is a sub-area of the counselling department of the provincial head office.

What was needed to realize and test your event? 

- Financial resources: the potential analysis is free of charge, it is financed by South Tyrolean provincial funds, the potential analysis has a value of 360€.

- Human resources: counselling team: a total of 16 staff members, all of whom are trained pedagogues or psychologists

- Spatial resources: The potential analysis can be carried out at three locations.

In addition, computers and the licenses for the standardized test are needed.



The potential analysis is a helpful tool to advise those seeking help even better. It is a real enrichment for the counselling offer and can help people who are very perplexed very well.

Lessons learned: What have we learned from the implementation and evaluation processes? What do we have to consider implementing such kinds of programmes in our region/institutions? What are the next steps?

The potential analysis is very helpful and appreciated by the users, however, it may be that the results of the analysis show a retraining or a job would be the best fit for which there are no vacancies in South Tyrol. Therefore, further counselling on the results is necessary to discuss next steps for action.


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