Apprenticeship ambassadors “Combined degree”

Apprenticeship ambassadors are students in a combined degree programme who are completing a suitable apprenticeship profession parallel to their studies. The students visit preparatory classes of secondary schools and present their apprenticeship profession and their studies to the pupils, thus giving them an understanding of dual education and combined degree programmes.



Dual education is to be made more attractive for pupils of secondary schools. In order to be able to give them an authentic impression of craft or also commercial apprenticeships inkl. combined degree programme, students are sent to the schools and, in addition to the contents of the training, talk there about their own motivation to start dual education training and the study and their personal experiences during the training and the study they are still in themselves.

The measure can be carried out online as well as offline.



The aim of the information event is to give pupils an understanding of dual education incl. combined degree and, to this end, to introduce them to apprenticeship professions and companies as well as career prospects and opportunities that arise following an apprenticeship. The students have the opportunity to present the company in which they are employed and to make it attractive for potential apprentices.

The exchange between the students and the pupils takes place at eye level due to the mostly small age difference, so that the latter benefit from the possibility to address their questions specifically to the apprentices.


Description of the type of measure

The target group of the vocational orientation measure is primarily the pupils of the preparatory classes of secondary schools. The information event is suitable for giving pupils an authentic impression of dual education. In addition, regional training companies that send the apprentices to the schools benefit from the measure, as potential future apprentices can be recruited in this way.


The training ambassadors "Combined degree" take place in cooperation with the chambers.

The chamber  establishes contact with the schools and sends the apprentices. They are supported by their responsible chamber in preparing for the presentation of their apprenticeship profession. It also acts as a contact for all those involved.

Participation in the measure is free of charge for the schools, companies and the training scouts.

The frequency and time frame of the assignments of the training scouts are agreed upon in consultation with the schools interested in this measure.



Schools and the Chamber of Crafts are involved in the implementation of the orientation measure, as well as the companies, which can release their apprentices for the duration of the programme. The willingness of schools to participate in the orientation measure is crucial for successful implementation.

The orientation measure is financed and communicated by the responsible chamber.

In order to realise an online event, TUASRO was looking for students who are completing or have completed an apprenticeship in the area of responsibility of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in addition to or before their studies. A total of three apprentices, two of them from craft professions and a student with an commercial apprenticeship, were sent to the Mädchenrealschule Traunstein, where they gave the schoolgirls an understanding of their apprenticeship profession. As the event took place online, no spatial resources were needed. If the measure takes place on site, the premises are provided by the school.



As the format could take place online, numerous schoolgirls could benefit from the orientation measure. They asked the apprentices questions about the duration, remuneration and content of the apprenticeship professions. Afterwards, the participants had the opportunity to evaluate the event.


Contact details: HWK München Oberbayern - Chamber of Trade & Crafts for Munich and Upper Bavaria

TUASRO - Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences