Coaching and career counselling as an entrance to dual education

Lustenau, Fulterer

This is intended to address persons who work as career counsellors in public or private counselling centres, associations, federations, etc.

Career counsellors are in direct contact with and advise young people and adults who would like to inform themselves about their training and career opportunities. They support their clients in becoming aware of their interests and abilities as well as where they could use them professionally. Career counsellors can contribute to enhancing the visibility and positive image of dual education and training by presenting the multifarious career options dual education and training can offer. They should cooperate with educational institutions and SMEs to provide appropriate information on educational pathways, advanced trainings, professions, companies or success stories as well as on diverse career events like open houses or education and job fairs.

How can competences of in-company trainers in my region be improved?

Lustenau, Fulterer

Improvement of Trainers’ Competences

Studies within our project showed that today’s dual educational systems as well as the needs of vocational schools apprentices and the labour market highlight certain competences required of in-company trainers including professional, technical and didactic competences, professional experiences in …

How can I enhance the image and value of dual education and training in my region?

WIGE Montafon

Image and Value of Dual Education

A low public image of dual training in general and in particular of handicraft looms over the regions of the Alpine Space. In several countries, an increase of the academization can be observed, indirectly supported by school teachers and parents who encourage youngsters to aim at a higher education …

How can I support young people in discovering their talents?

Zukunftscheck Bregenz

Recognizing Talents and Interests

Young people often do not know their abilities and have difficulties to recognize their interests and skills as talents. The regions offer various initiatives to help them with this.

How can young people analyze their strengths and weaknesses?


Evaluating Strengths

Often young people need help in analyzing their strengths and weaknesses. The regions offer different online and offline tools for this purpose.

How is the permeability in my region shaping up?

Juergen Kraemer Karrieretag 2018

Permeability: Transparency and Transfer Opportunities in the Education System

What innovations and collaborations are there in my region to promote the quality of dual education?

BULU Karrieretag 2018

Activities and Innovations to promote the Quality of Dual Education

Another part of the DuALPlus project was the collection of successful examples of innovative dual training programmes from the Alpine Space. Because of the differences in the dual education systems of the six partner countries in general and in their current states of development, the best practice …

What innovations and collaborations exist in my region to promote the quality of dual education?

ZIMM Karrieretag 2018

Developed Innovative Training Formats within DuALPlus

Six partners developed regional training formats based on previous research, either by improving existing trainings or by developing new ones. The trainings are directed at SMEs, trainers or youngsters. They will help these target groups to develop the skills to cope with continuous social …

What qualities do companies look for in apprentices?


Strength Quest

A special training place is looking for special young people. Companies are looking for young people with certain characteristics that they consider necessary for their company and for their work. To achieve convergence, the regions offer different tools.

Where can I get information about new types of training, further education and existing career paths in order to be up-to-date?


Stay Informed

Coaches help young people to find their way. They need to have an up-to-date overview of the types of training and further education on offer. There are some interesting possibilities in this regard.

Where can young people get to know several companies?

Schulmesse Montafon

Get in Touch with Companies

For young people, professions and the associated activities are often abstract. Therefore, real examples and contact with "real" companies are fundamental.

Which further training modules for in-company trainers were designed as part of the DuALPlus project?

BöschGmbH 2017

Proposal for Training Modules for In-Company Trainers

The importance of dual education for a smooth transition from education to work and the economic relevance of skilled crafts and trade professions are widely recognised at a political level. Yet, SMEs find it more and more difficult to get suitable apprentices. Today, an increased number of …