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National and international technology, craft and service companies are gathered in the market town of Lustenau. Currently, around 250 apprentices are being trained in 76 different apprenticeship professions. A joint online apprenticeship platform presents a variety of career prospects that are available to young people together with important information in a clear and up-to-date manner.

Apprenticeship homepage



Apprenticeship training enjoys a high priority among Lustenau companies, because well-trained skilled workers form the capital and are the supporting pillars for the future.

Acting persons in Lustenau (Lustenau Marketing, Trade Association) and responsible persons from the companies have jointly decided to actively address the topic of apprenticeship, to start comprehensive initiatives and projects and to enter into a joint dialogue with the local schools.

The aim is to provide students with comprehensive information and a good overview of the Lustenau economy at an early stage so that they can make conscious, informed decisions about their career paths.

In 2011, Lustenau Marketing takes on a pioneering role in Vorarlberg and goes online with the first apprenticeship platform.



- Find available apprenticeship positions in the municipality quickly and easily

- Show a variety of regional training opportunities and career prospects

- Show attractive and qualified jobs

- Awaken the desire for an apprenticeship in the region. Make visible training opportunities and pathways that the region offers

- Enable students to make informed decisions about their career paths

- Secure the future of Lustenau as a business location and its companies

- Get to know training companies, trainers and trainees.


Description of the measure

The apprenticeship platform is one of the most important regional instruments for strengthening dual vocational training. Lustenau Marketing (local marketing of the market town of Lustenau) organizes and supervises the platform and acts as a link between all actors in the community.   

Under the motto: "Opportunities.Lust", young people are encouraged to take their professional future into their own hands. forms an important information channel on the path to the dream job.

The platform offers an overview of all apprenticeship professions that are trained in Lustenau, including the corresponding apprenticeship profiles. The currently vacant apprenticeship positions with the requirement profiles as well as general information such as apprenticeship compensation, direct contacts to those responsible at the training companies, information and reports can also be found at

Under the project umbrella "Chancen.Lust" (Opportunities.Lust), Lustenau Marketing not only implements the apprenticeship homepage but also other projects that offer students and young people well-founded information. For example, the Chancen.Lust brochure, the presentation of new apprentices in the fall, ...



The apprenticeship platform is affiliated with the official Lustenau homepage and can be accessed at German only).

Advertising information for cooperation partners is available at

At Lustenau Marketing, the managing director and a staff member are responsible for the Chancen.Lust project package.



Lustenau Marketing is in close contact with all project partners. The willingness to cooperate on the part of schools and businesses is consistently high, which contributes significantly to the success of the project. Targeted advertising measures (advertisements in school calendars, outdoor advertising campaigns, etc.) directly address and reach the target group.



A survey of all apprentices in Lustenau conducted by an agency commissioned by Lustenau Marketing in 2016 shows that the apprenticeship platform and all other initiatives of Lustenau Marketing are close to the target group and have a high level of awareness. It is also clear from conversations with entrepreneurs that apprentices from the town have become aware of their training company through the Chancen.Lust cooperations. This confirms that the right path is being taken here and that the projects operating at the municipal level, in addition to a wide range of offers from other sides, are definitely being accepted and will continue to be so in the future.

Apprenticeship homepage


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