Berufsschaufenster Upper Valais

The Berufsschaufenster (job showcase) gives young people who are about to choose a profession a practice-oriented and animated insight into the professions of the Upper Valais economy and brings prospective apprentices together with potential apprenticeship companies. The job showcase is a pure job training fair and takes place every two years.



It is becoming more and more difficult for companies in Upper Valais to recruit apprentices.

Need for a trade fair based on the recruitment plan of the Upper Valais economy.

The Berufsschaufenster aims to counteract the shortage of skilled workers by emphasizing the advantages of apprenticeships and actively wooing potential learners.



- Clearly present the offer for the learners by the companies.

- Address potential learners and their influencers.

- Enable personal exchange between students and companies.

- Coordinate the timing with the recruiting process.

- Include all stakeholders (teachers, parents, authorities and institutions)

- Show bridging offers from local institutions.


Description of the type of measure

The main target group are the students of the 2nd and 3rd OS (orientation level) (on the demand side).

Young people with school, social or language difficulties should be actively involved

Second target group are parents, OS teachers and people from the field of Vocational training, which influences the students' career choices.

On the supply side, companies and corporate partnerships are addressed.

What are the requirements for your format? (e.g., positioning, organization, type and design, integration of the event topic, performance, communication strategy, cooperation and possibly cooperation and sponsoring …)

Structure (e.g., time frame, duration, settings…)

The project sponsor is Business Valais together with Verein Wirtschaftsforum Oberwallis.

The interests of the various stakeholder groups (companies and professional associations, cantons, vocational training and schools) were represented in the project.



RW Oberwallis AG on behalf of the Oberwallis Economic Forum Association

The Office for Vocational, Study and Career Advice (BSL)

Various partners from local business and vocational training


What was needed to realize and test your event? 

A specific Visual Identity for the Berufsschaufenster was planned and implemented. In addition, the website was created with information and the processing of registrations. The next edition will take place from 21.-24. September 2022 at Simplonhalle in Brig.



Two separate, anonymized surveys were carried out among companies and schools.

Questions regarding the date and place of the event and the involvement of the individual stakeholders were raised and will be included in the planning of the next edition.

The implementation was rated very positively by 90% of the visitors.

Lessons learned: What have we learned from the implementation and evaluation processes? What do we have to consider implementing such kinds of programs in our region/institutions? What are the next steps?

Diversity of occupational fields must be ensured.

Inclusion of the school (calendar) in the planning.

Need for improvement on how to present practical or manual work clearly.


Contact details:

c/o Regions- und Wirtschaftszentrum Oberwallis
Bahnhofstrasse 9c
CH-3904 Naters

027 921 18 88