Crafts Path

The Craft path is a „regionally“ designed project, which aimes to include all Slovenian „regions“. With this activity we want to give primary shcool students (accompanied by their teachers) an option to see different work programs and choose their proffesion according to all the information available to them.

Due to the Covid situation the activity implementation is planned for autum of 2021.



The Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia (OUS) is an umbrella organization which, together with 62 regional chambers, forms a strong system. Through promotion, OZS indirectly takes care of providing competent future craftsmen. Every student that participates in the promotion and decides on a craft career path on the basis of this also becomes a member of the chamber, a member with professional competencies.



The goal ist o inform primary school studnets, their parents, primary school counselors and the interested professional public about the possibilites of education in the dual system and in secondary vocational education in general.


Target group

Elementary school students, their parents, elementary school counselors, mentors.