Infofair Bressanone

Infofair Bressanone is organized by the regional vocational school "Chr. J. Tschuggmall" in Bressanone and offers an overview of the different school offers in the district Eisacktal/Wipptal.



The info fair should give an overview for the middle school students, so that they get first contact to possible schools and can inform themselves in more detail afterwards, e.g. at an open day of the selected school.



The goal is to show middle school students their options of post-secondary schools in the district.


Description of the measure

Who is the target group of your format? 

The target group is middle school students who will graduate from middle school soon.

What are the requirements for your format?

The Info Fair is organized by the secondary school "Chr. J. Tschuggmall" in Bressanone and relies on the cooperation of the secondary schools in the district.

The Info fair will be held on a weekday morning from 8:30 am - 1:30 pm.



Actors: Who was involved in the development of the event? 

The Info Fair is organized by the middle school.

What was needed to realize, test, and finally evaluate your event? 

- financial resources: the info fair is free of charge for visitors and the schools

- human resources: organizing team of the Info Fair and staff for each of the schools' booths

- spatial resources: the info fair will take place in the gymnasium of the middle school



The school fair is very well used by the students as well as by the secondary schools. The info fair is already established and runs smoothly because the same players are always involved.

There are voices that consider the district fairs superfluous, since there is the South Tyrol-wide education fair Futurum, at which the same secondary schools are present and, in addition, further offers from all over South Tyrol. However, this fair is very large and one quickly loses the overview. The district fair is therefore seen as a basis to give the students an overview and then they can inform themselves further.

Lessons Learned: What have we learned from the implementation and evaluation processes? What do we need to consider when implementing these types of programs in our region/facility? What are the next steps?

It is still planned to hold this fair, as it gives a good first overview of the opportunities in the district and thus forms a basis for further research by the students. It was not held in 2020 due to the Corona Pandemic.


Contact details:

Administration: Provincial Vocational School Bressanone for Trade, Crafts and Industry "Christian Josef Tschuggmall

Tel. + 39 0472 273900

Fax + 39 0472 273909