Schulbesuche in der Mittelschule: Karriere mit Lehre

School visits under the initiative “Karriere mit Lehre” are events organised by lvh - Wirtschaftsverband für Handwerk und Dienstleister Südtirol in cooperation with German-speaking schools. 
During the school visits, the institution or the association does not present itself as an employer, but instead it presents the complete craft sector and its various professions.

The diverse training and career opportunities in the sector are discussed and the young people are given an insight into the training courses through lectures, experience reports and company visits. School visits take place once a year in almost every secondary school (86%).



Teenagers often do not have any knowledge about the appealing and diverse professions, especially of the craft sector. They also do not have any information about the several career opportunities.



Arouse further interest in the professions of the craft sector


Target group

Middle school students