Your Challenge - Career and Education Fair

The Your Challenge career and education fair takes place every two years. The event is part of the Valais vocational training program and offers around 21,000 visitors an insight into more than 400 professions.

These include major companies, professional associations, schools, secondary and technical colleges as well as training institutes from Valais.

They can provide visitors with information and suggest ways and means to best fulfill a career aspiration.





- To support young people in their career choices.

- To create a centralized offer for the Valais.

- To provide insight into as wide a range of offerings as possible.


Description of the type of measure

The main target group is the 2nd and 3rd grade orientation students.

Attendance at the career fair is mandatory for all classes of 9OS and 10OS.

The participation of the 11OS (last year of compulsory education) is optional.

All stakeholders involved in the career choice process.

What are the requirements for your format? 

The fair is held every two years and lasts 6 days from Tuesday to Sunday evening. Respectively from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. or 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. on weekends.

The exhibition is divided into six sectors that represent the different professional fields.

Since 2012, there has been a seventh exhibition sector dedicated solely to higher education and training.

The students reach the location by bus.

After their arrival at the fair, students are led on guided tours by the Valais University of Teacher Education.

In addition to the exhibition, participants can prepare their visit on the platform. More than 220 professions are presented with video, quizzes, and documents with the aim of reinforcing the young participants' knowledge of the professions and defining their preferences.

80 exhibitors present over 400 professions.

Admission is free.



Actors: who was involved in the development of the event?

FVS Group jointly with the State of Valais and the Valais Trade Association (WGV)

Several other cantonal and national partners

What was needed to realize and test your event? 

Great coordination between different partners.

Integration of the fair into the Valais vocational training program.

Venue that is easy to reach with appropriate infrastructure.

Substantial space of 10,000 sq. ft.



The fair focuses on the professions and not so much on the specific local companies where the young people will subsequently learn.

Although the cost to exhibitors is low, large professional associations can draw on significantly greater resources than small ones.

The large offer can also be overwhelming, so planning the visit in advance is highly essential.

Not all professions can be "experienced" in the same way in such a context.

Interactions at the stands can give the wrong image of the profession or create improper incentives.

The guided tours of the Valais University of Teacher Education have been very successful.


Contact details:

Amt für Berufs-, Studien- und Laufbahnberatung

Schlossstrasse 30, 3900 Brig-Glis

027 606 95 70