An orientation activity, implemented by some schools or networks of schools in Trentino, is the job fair. Generally, to organize this type of initiative, students' parents are contacted, who are willing to answer students’ questions regarding their jobs. Other key stakeholders from local associations, volunteers, local businesses, and trade associations may also be invited.



The schools or networks of schools that organize this activity, have tried to invite those professionals, who are closer to the students, starting from their parents, but also involving other professionals, who are more representative of the local job market and economic sectors (agriculture, crafts, industry).



The main objective is to deepen students' knowledge of certain professions and the school paths associated with those professions in an informal way, so that students can feel free to ask questions and to understand what kind of studies, certificates and skills are required to carry out a particular job.


Description of the type of measure

The target groups are generally students in the last year of the middle school, but there are also some secondary schools and VET schools that organize such events.

The organization of these job fairs is entirely carried out by the schools and their reference teachers for guidance, or by networks of schools; sometimes, these activities are solicited and encouraged by local trade associations, as in the case of crafts.

Usually, the event takes up an entire morning at school.



Reference teachers at middle schools, secondary schools, and VET schools and/or networks of schools, parents, local entrepreneurs, volunteers, representatives of local associations and master craftsmen are the main stakeholders involved.

A good knowledge of the local context and the ability of the school to build networks with other local authorities is required for the success of the initiative.



Every year there are internal evaluations from the side of the teachers using questionnaires to students and parents, and in discussing among them about how it can be improved and what can be needed for the future, both at the level of the school and in the context of schools’ networks meetings or meetings with the representatives of the associations involved.

Lessons learned: Over the years, this initiative seems to be increasingly useful for connecting the world of school to the world of work and professions.