Successfully carry out professional practical days in the company

Within the framework of an information event, apprenticeship trainers and entrepreneurs of the Montafon region are trained in the successful and optimal implementation of taster days in their companies, among other things, by means of a checklist ("The perfect taster day").




The vocational practice days (taster days) are anchored in Austria's curricula. They supplement the career orientation lessons in the 7th and 8th grades (13 to 14-year-olds) of compulsory school and the 9th grade of polytechnic school (14 to 15-year-olds). The aim of the practical vocational days is to help young people in the process of finding a career and to give them an insight into the world of work through practical activities in various training companies.

By watching, asking questions and trying out simple activities, students gain an insight into different professions and everyday working life and can thus compare personal ideas with the professional reality on site. The motto is: Try out as much as possible. Only by doing it yourself can you really tell whether you enjoy the job.

Often the days of practical work experience in the companies are associated with greater challenges in terms of time and organization. In the Montafon region, the companie’s association WIGE Montafon has consciously decided to dedicate itself to this topic, to train its companies and to promote positive cooperation with the Montafon schools (three secondary schools, one polytechnic school) and to organize the days for the benefit of all.



- good preparation, organization

- ideas and suggestions for an optimal design (e.g. meaningful tasks and positive experiences)

- appreciative handling and language

- avoiding no-go's (e.g. excessive demands, difficult tasks, use of technical terms)

- enable exchange between apprentices and students

- guide through the company in a comprehensible way

- define rules and procedures

- check motivation and talents

- communicate with students and get into conversation with them

- build trust

- explain apprenticeships and training opportunities in an understandable way

- awaken the desire for an apprenticeship

- reflection and feedback session


Description of the measure

Entrepreneurs and training managers of all Montafon companies from the service, trade, crafts, hospitality and tourism sectors are the target group of this information event.

As part of the annual LEMO trainers' meeting (LEMO = Montafon Apprenticeship Platform), future trainers will be trained on the topic, familiarized with the contents of the taster checklist and exchange findings and experiences in a subsequent discussion.

The WIGE Montafon will regularly distribute the taster checklist as a printed folder to the training companies and it will be available for download in digital form on the LEMO website and sent to the trainers via newsletter.



Companies should be aware of the significance and importance of these practical days for the recruitment of apprentices and future skilled workers and invest time to optimize and further develop their taster days.

Through the close networking and cooperation of all actors (WIGE, companies and schools) in the region, important topics can be addressed and new offers can be developed and implemented.



Contact details:

Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft Montafon

Kirchplatz 17, 6780 Schruns, Österreich

T. +43 (0) 5556 / 21250




Checklist "The perfect taster day" (in German)


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