EDHEA Praktikumstag

The EDHEA organizes internships for young people who are interested in an apprenticeship as a Graphic Designer. During the day, together with the first- and second-year trainees, they can follow the practical sessions and get a first impression of the profession and the training.



There is a lack of internship opportunities for design professions in general and for graphic designers in particular.

There is no other preparatory training (Vorkurs) for design professions in Valais.



The participants get a first insight into the profession as well as into the training.

To support the local economy.


Description of the type of measure

The offer is aimed at students in the last year of mandatory schooling who are in the process of choosing a career.

The offer is advertised on the school's website and through partners such as career counselors.


The participants take part in the day-long session from 09:00 to 16:00.

They experience the sessions as a part of the class and solve tasks specially designed for this purpose.

Ideally, there is one participant per day.

The participants are accompanied by the corresponding class teachers as well as by the person in charge of the program.

After the training day, the participants meet for a discussion with the person responsible for the program.



The internship days are organized weekly between September and March.

The participants use the same resources as the students of EDHEA.



The evaluation of the program takes place simultaneously between September and March and once at the end of April each year.

The enormous success of the program in 2020/21 with about 80 participants speaks for itself, but also represents a great challenge.

Sometimes up to 3 participants must come at the same time. This also poses major challenges for the teachers.

Within the framework of duALPlus, a series of workshops was created in a pilot test to provide an alternative or addition to the program in its current form.

Lessons learned: What have we learned from the implementation and evaluation processes? What do we have to consider implementing such kinds of programs in our region/institutions? What are the next steps?

Integrating participants into a class is not easy. If there are too many participants, they can be considered disruptive and cause a distraction from the lesson.

An additional burden on the teachers.

Participants only get a limited insight into the training or the profession. However, an implementation over several days is hardly feasible due to the complex class schedule.

Within the framework of school-based basic education, it is sometimes difficult to realistically depict the professional context.


Contact details: https://edhea.ch/


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