Recognizing Talents and Interests

Young people often do not know their abilities and have difficulties to recognize their interests and skills as talents. The regions offer various initiatives to help them with this.

Zukunftscheck Bregenz


The region of Vorarlberg (A) organizes two orientation tools for young people: the "Talent Check" and the "Future Check". Both serve to reflect and identify interests and abilities. In addition, the young people are supported in planning their future steps.

The region of St. Pölten/Lower Austria/Vienna (A) offers the "TalenteCheck Berufsbildung" and the "NÖ TalenteCheck" as orientation tools for young people.


The region of Valais (CH) offers the "EDHEA Internship Day", a day that young people spend together with apprentices in the lessons of the vocational school. This enables them to get to know their own talents by means of practical exercises. This offer is specifically aimed at those interested in training as graphic designers.


In the region of Rosenheim/Bavaria (D), the "MINTfit" initiative helps young people assess their level of knowledge in the subjects of mathematics and physics using online tests.

The Munich Chamber of Crafts (D) helps young people to discover their talents by organizing the "School Workshop". An initiative that consists of a potential analysis and a practical part. On "Girls day" young girls can get a taste of professions through practical exercises and thus discover their own talents, too.


In the region of South Tyrol (I), the South Tyrolean regional administration offers the “training, study and career guidance” with the aim of guiding young people into the right career path based on their skills and interests. The offer of a "potential analysis" is also to mention here.

The region of Trento (I) tries to help young people through orientation initiatives for young people, such as "group initiatives" and "Job Counselling" to show young people their interests. Also "Talent Checkups" with the website "Sorprendo" offers information about 450 occupational branches, which young people can match with their own interests and skills.


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