Miini Brüefswahl – The Platform for career choices in Valais

The platform minii-bruefswahl.ch offers all career choice partners important information and offers on the process. It offers the opportunity to find out more about the individual topics and offers and to actively participate in the career choice process.



The website was created out of the need of Upper Valais companies at a trade fair to take their recruiting calendar into account and to support them in finding skilled workers.



- Counteract the shortage of skilled workers in Upper Valais.

- Better information for all career choice partners.

- Creation of a coordinated marketplace and a central platform for career choices in Valais.


Description of the type of measure

Target group

All career choice partners such as young people, parents, schools and companies.

What are the requirements for your format?

Promotion of the platform in the local media and by the partners involved.

The website is regularly updated by the partners.



Actors: who was involved in the development of the event? 

RW Oberwallis AG on behalf of the Oberwallis Economic Forum Association

The Office for Vocational, Study and Career Advice (BSL)

Further partners from the local economy

What was needed to realize and test your event?

The project was made possible through close cooperation between the Wirtschaftsforum association and the professional, academic and career counseling service.



The website serves as an information platform for career-related activities and campaigns in the region. The topicality of the information is crucial.


Contact details:

Verein Wirtschaftsforum Oberwallis
c/o RW Oberwallis AG 
Ivo Nanzer 
Aletsch Campus
Bahnhofstrasse 9c
3904 Naters