School-fairs at the middle schools

The following orientation measure is aimed at giving students, at the middle schools of the autonomous province of Trento, the opportunity to know better the educational offer of the secondary schools and VET schools in their neighbourhood to be able to choose the school in a more informed way in the context of a school fair, where information is equally accessible for them.



In Trentino there is a tradition in guiding students in the transitions between different orders of secondary schools and/or to the VET schools in organizing schools’ fairs, where all schools are represented. In some valleys of Trentino there are well established networks of schools, which organize and plan every year such fairs for students and their families. Other middle schools simple invite teachers or students to present their schools or are invited directly by them to visit the school (Open days).



The main goal is to give the opportunity to all students to experience in a way the “life” of the secondary or VET schools, in many cases there are visits to laboratories and facilities or “lessons” planned to show what really means to study at that school. The goal is not only to give some generic information but to let students make a comprehensive experience of the school.


Description of the type of measure

The target groups are the students at the end of the middle schools (13 years old), who must choose how to continue their educational path between secondary and VET schools, and their families.

The organization of these schools’ fairs are totally performed by the schools and their reference teachers for guidance or by networks of schools; usually they use flyer to communicate their initiatives to students and families; schools organise these events at the end of the second year or at the beginning of the third year of the middle schools before the families must choose the school.

Usually, it takes one full day at the school.



Reference teachers at middle schools, secondary schools and VET schools, networks of schools are involved.

It is usually needed cooperation and collaboration from all teachers at the schools involved in organizing lessons or laboratories.



Every year there are internal evaluations from the side of the teachers using questionnaires to students and parents, and in discussing among them about how it can be improved and what can be needed for the future, both at the level of the school and in the context of schools’ networks meetings.

Lessons learned: During the last year, these initiatives could not be performed because of the pandemic, in this traditional way of the fair at the school. Some adaptions were required to have at least a single presentation of each school online (open days online), but the format of the school fair would be much more beneficial to have a “real and practical” experience of the educational offer of each school.