School workshop

The Chamber of Skilled Crafts for Munich and Upper Bavaria offers a two-day potential analysis with career counselling followed by 10 days of practice-oriented career guidance.

The aim is to give the pupils first insights into the individual occupational fields. The results from career counselling and experiences from the career orientation internship are intended to support the student in choosing a profession.




Hamet BOP is a test procedure that helps young people to get to know themselves better. In the Hamet BOP potential analysis, young people first explore their personal strengths before trying out specific professions in taster positions.

The students then learn different craft activities under the guidance of the experienced trainers. The appointed trainers of the Chamber of Skilled Crafts have many years of experience in the craft training of apprentices and in pedagogical dealings with young people. They can not only help determine individual craft competences, but also answer questions about the occupational profile


Target group

The target group is young people aged 13-14 (one to two years before graduation from school), but young adult refugees can also be the target group of the measure.



In a potential analysis, the pupils complete practical exercises. Often handicraft exercises (e.g. handling wood and tools) or group exercises (e.g. building a paper city) are carried out. Trained observers give the young people feedback on the observable strengths after the exercises.

To carry out the practical part, an experienced instructor and an appropriate workshop are required.


The time frame is 2 days for the test procedure and 10 days for the vocational orientation internship.



Stakeholders involved are vocational guidance experts from the HWK, teachers, experts familiar with the potential analysis procedures, vocational trainers from the Chamber of Skilled Crafts

Financial resources: if necessary, costs for external experts for the testing procedure

Spatial resources: rooms for the potential analysis, workshops for the practical part



Every year, about 1500 pupils take part in the school workshops. The response is positive.



Contact details: Elke Koch, Chamber of Skilled Crafts for Munich and Upper Bavaria,