Promouvoir les entreprises

Les différentes Régions offrent différentes manières aux formateurs en entreprise de rendre leur entreprise visible et de la présenter aux jeunes.

Schulmesse Montafon


The region of Vorarlberg (A) organizes the "Apprenticeship fair Montafon " and the " i-Messe - the Vorarlberg vocational training fair ", which act as an interface between in-company trainers and young people. The Region has also set up an apprenticeship homepage where in-company trainers can present their companies. In-company trainers can also show their firms through their apprentices within the framework of the “Vorarlberg Apprenticeship Ambassadors”.

The region St. Pölten/Lower Austria/Vienna (A) offers an interesting fair format, the "BeSt³ digital", where in-company trainers can present their company. Especially the "Bildungsmeile Amstetten-Scheibbs" enables companies to give young people real insights into their company. The "DUO**STARS SUMMERschool" format also involves in-company trainers in the form of on-site visits and thus gives them the opportunity to show their companies.


The region of Valais (CH) offers several opportunities for in-company trainers to increase the visibility for their company among young people. For example, companies can present themselves at the fairs  "Berufsschaufenster Upper Valais" and "Your Challenge - Career and Education Fair ". The "Infopass Valais" enables direct contact, too. The orientation platform "Miini Brüefswahl" offers its own section that can serve as a shop window for in-company trainers and their companies.


In the region Rosenheim/Bavaria (D) several initiatives are organized to give in-company trainers the opportunity to present their company to young people. These include the "Azubi-Speed-Dating", the " Apprenticeship ambassadors - Combined degree" and the "Ausbildungs-Scouts". In addition, the "meineZukunft! - The Job and Career Fair", is offered.

The Chamber of Crafts Munich (D) organizes the "Meet your job - training fair" to enable contact between in-company trainers and potential apprentices. In this regard, the "Berufsbilderabend der Maria-Ward-Mädchenrealschule Traunstein" is organized, too.


The region of Auvergne Rhône-Alpes (F) offers the "mondial des métiers" job fair to present companies to young people. The initiative "Bravo les Artisans" in particular offers in-company trainers the opportunity to show individual young people all the facets of their work and their company. With the project "Craftsmanship makes its cinema", individual in-company trainers can present their company as well as their profession.


The region of South Tyrol (I) offers in-company trainers various platforms to present their company. For example, the "Infofair Bressanone" and the "Futurum – South Tyrols education fair”. In this regard, the project "Encounter School-Company & Open Days" can also be mentioned.

The region of Trento (I) tries to link young people with in-company trainers through a job fair.


The region of Slovenia (SL) offers the format "Crafts path", which provides visibility for companies.

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