Promote the Company

The Regions offer SME- Managers different opportunities to present their company to young people.

Schulmesse Montafon


The Region of Vorarlberg (A) organizes the "Apprenticeship fair Montafon " and the " i-Messe - the Vorarlberg vocational training fair ", which act as an interface between SME- Managers and young people. The Region has also set up an apprenticeship homepage where SME- Managers can present their companies. SME- Managers can also show their firms through their apprentices within the framework of the “Vorarlberg Apprenticeship Ambassadors”.

The Region St. Pölten/Lower Austria/Vienna (A) offers an interesting fair format, the "BeSt³ digital", where SME- Managers can present their company. Especially the "Bildungsmeile Amstetten-Scheibbs" enables SME- Managers to give young people real insights into their company. The "DUO**STARS SUMMERschool" format also involves SME- Managers in the form of on-site visits and thus gives them the opportunity to show their companies.

The Region of Valais (CH) offers several opportunities for SME- Managers to increase the visibility for their company among young people.

In the Region Rosenheim/Bavaria (D) several initiatives are organized to give SME- Managers the opportunity to present their company to young people. These include the "Azubi-Speed-Dating", the " Apprenticeship ambassadors - Combined degree" and the "Ausbildungs-Scouts". In addition, the "meineZukunft! - The Job and Career Fair", is offered.

The Region of Auvergne Rhône-Alpes (F) offers the "mondial des métiers" job fair to present companies to young people. The initiative "Bravo les Artisans" in particular offers SME- Managers the opportunity to show individual young people all the facets of their work and their company. With the project "Craftsmanship makes its cinema", individual SME- Managers can present their company as well as their profession.

The Region of South Tyrol (I) offers SME- Managers various platforms to present their company. For example, the "Infofair Bressanone" and the "Futurum – South Tyrols education fair”. In this regard, the project "Encounter School-Company & Open Days" can also be mentioned.

The Region of Trento (I) tries to link young people with SME- Managers through a job fair.

The Region of Slovenia (SL) offers the format "Crafts path", which provides visibility for companies.

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